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Friends, clubs or family... All you need to organize yourself as a group!
Exchange messages and pictures inside a private chat room.
Plan an event, collect opinions before you make a choice.
Have a shared calendar to note events or to manage a shared resource
Manage the expenses. Who spends what? Who owes who?
Share a list, for shopping, tasks, assign and check items...
Ride sharing
Organize rides among a group. Who will do the trip? Who will take his car?
Collect money for a purpose and manage the piggy bank.
Piggy Bank
YouTim is easy to use
I can create as many YouTim as I need for free.
I select the service I need, then invite people by their email. The YouTim is created !
At any time I can add in the YouTim other services, sharing the same members list - or invite new people
Members and me are notified in real time of the YouTim activity by email or by notification on the mobile application.
YouTim is for all the groups in my life
It helps me to organize an event or manage my everyday life ...
Clubs & Associations
To be used anywhere, YouTim works on all devices!
With apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry 10, I can manage my YouTim groups from my phone on the go, on my computer at the office, and on my tablet from the couch.
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